What are the necessary conditions for the return of the purchased product?

For the return, the product must be:

  • in the same conditions as you received it (not used)
  • in original packaging and complete with warranty documents / instructions

If the watch is no longer under warranty, you can repair it at your service center?

Sure, you can, at our service center, a payment of repair cost is required.

For purchased watches, which is the duration of the limited warranty?

The warranty lasts for two years.

Not having any proof of purchase, you can, however, ask for the watch warranty?

Unfortunately it is not possible.

An invoice with information not properly correct (street, phone, etc ..), however, it can be considered valid for the purposes of warranty?

Of course, provided that the Tax Code or the VAT number shown are correct.

If you buy 2 or more watches (same order), the shipment may be considered unique, ie paid once?

Of course, the shipping cost for an order will be paid only once, regardless of the number of watches, in case of order greater than 200 € the shipping is free.


Can you send a replacement part for a recently purchased watch?

We cannot send a replacement part, but it is possible to withdraw the watch, via courier, with expenses paid by us, so as to fix it and send it back to your address in the shortest time possible, completely new and original.

I bought a watch, unfortunately I noticed that one of the properties listed in the data sheet present on your site, not corresponding to reality. Why?

Our sheets are made with care and attention, sometimes, unfortunately, it can happen that some information may be incorrect. We strongly recommend, before buying, check the specifications given, directly on the manufacturer’s site, by entering the code of the item selected. In any case, if you are not satisfied with your watch, you can cancel the purchase within the legal deadline.

Watches purchased on your website, are shipped in their original packaging?

Each watch is delivered complete with the respective original packaging, as well as the original card.


How long the delivery takes?

Delivery usually takes place within 48 hours, you will receive the tracking number as soon as the courier will process your order.

I don’t like the watch I purchased. Where do I send back the watch to exercise the right of return?

You can send back the watch at: T. & L. Time and Luxury Srl – Cis Nola Is.8 – n.8048- 80035 Nola (NA) Italy.

The courier will incur additional delivery?

No. The shipping costs, including any insurance services or cash on delivery, will be highlighted in the payment process.

Where is the shipping from?

All watches on our showcase are shipped from our warehouse in Nola (NA) Italy.